We all deserve the healthiest life possible

Renovatio was born as a result of 6 years of dedicated research at The University of Newcastle, Australia. This research resulted in the development of the world’s most potent dietary antioxidants.

Antioxidants neutralise and reduce free radicals in the body. This is important because free radicals damage your health at the cellular level. Research shows this leads to the development of a range of degenerative diseases. Free radicals are unfortunately unavoidable – naturally produced as by-products in the body as well as entering the body through impurities in the food we eat and the air we breath.

The challenge Renovatio solved was to develop a more potent antioxidant. An antioxidant that is easily absorbed by the body, is significantly stronger than other dietary antioxidant products and removes from your body a greater variety and number of free radicals. This was achieved by naturally extracting and activating the potent phenolic antioxidants from the world’s healthiest food – apples.

Renovatio offers a premium product range to be taken as health supplements or as highly nutritious additives to food and beverages.

Renovatio follows a simple philosophy:

  • 100% Australian premium products with maximum purity

  • Evidence based benefits in preventative health care and recovery

  • Formulated to be easily and efficiently absorbed by the body

  • 100% Naturally extracted and produced to the highest quality standards

  • No synthetic chemicals added or used

  • For everyone. everyday

Renovatio means ‘New Life’ and we hope to offer this through our products. Helping you to become your better self, feeling and knowing you are healthier and helping to protect your family against ill health.

Activated Phenolics Powder

Broad Spectrum Antioxidant

Renovatio’s unique product Activated Phenolics powder truly reflects our philosophy. A one-stop superfood and the source of antioxidants you need on a daily basis to promote health and prevention from illness.

Activated Phenolics is a unique broad spectrum antioxidant containing eight antioxidant types and the proprietary fibre – Oligospectine. When added, it instantly transforms any food or beverage into an antioxidant rich superfood that helps protect the cells in your body from a broad range of free radicals.

‘An Apple a Day’ Tablets

‘An Apple A Day’ Tablets offer enhanced free radical protection in a convenient tablet form to be taken each day by every member of your family.

The world’s most potent antioxidant tablet, providing strong cellular protection against damaging free radicals. It is a 100% natural broad spectrum antioxidant, that is easily absorbed by your body.

Research shows phenolic antioxidants contribute to the protection and recovery from a range of conditions including degenerative, digestive and inflammatory. Phenolic antioxidants have been linked to assisting weight loss through appetite suppression as well as maintaining energy levels.

APSKIN: Skin care

Transform your skin, boosting your skin’s glow and radiance.

Scientifically formulated from apples, nature’s best source of broad spectrum antioxidants.

Australian owned and operated

Renovatio is a wholly owned and operated Australian company.

Renovatio only uses 100% Australian produce and all production of Renovatio’s products is undertaken in Australia.

Renovatio and You

If you would like to retail Renovatio products or discuss how Renovatio’s research could be applied to your own products, please contact us on our Contact page.