According to Dr Vincent, Australians have been living in a bubble for much of the year and this has lulled their immune system into a false sense of security – as a result, people are vulnerable to getting sick this festive season.

“Winsum is a concerning syndrome where the illnesses that people normally catch during winter period such as colds, chest infections and flu are instead shared and contracted during the summer months,” Dr Vincent said.

“To put it plainly, our immune system is not summer fit. Due to lockdowns, restrictions and social distancing requirements people have been staying home, avoiding public places, wearing masks and sanitising; which are all good and important, however as a result, the rate of people getting sick from viruses and germs that can be picked up when mingling with other people has dropped significantly. Not only that, the duration of the sickness tends to be longer too. Our immune systems have lost some of their ability to fight and we are not as galvanised as we used to be.

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