How to support your immune system this new year

To ensure a healthy immune system for the upcoming new year, Dr Vincent advises people to focus on eating more fresh fruit and vegetables and adding more supplements that support the immune system and reduce inflammation.

"Vitamins and activated phenolics are ideal," he said.

He also suggests upping your step count and increasing physical activity, saying outdoor activities can help improve the respiratory system.

"While the festive season usually involves drinking more alcohol, aim to keep consumption as low as possible as it damages your immune system," Dr Vincent said. 

"Increase water consumption and try and reduce or even eliminate fried foods, processed meats and sugary items from your diet."

Improving your sleep can also help your body repair and restore itself.

It may seem obvious, but where possible make a conscious effort to avoid people who are sick.

"While this can be difficult, if you need to wear a mask while in certain environments, do it," Dr Vincent added.

He also suggests to keep sanitising and as soon as you start to feel unwell, take additional steps to ensure your body is in a position to best fight the illness.  

Of course, if you do fall ill, speak to your GP.