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Activated Phenolics Powder

Broad Spectrum Antioxidant

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280 grams powder

Renovatio’s Activated Phenolics powder is a unique,  100% natural, truly broad spectrum antioxidant.

Developed by a nutrition and health research team at The University of Newcastle, Australia it is the most potent dietary antioxidant available.

A unique synergistic broad spectrum antioxidant, containing 8 phenolic types from all three antioxidant families, including the two strongest dietary antioxidants.

The powder also contains the alkalising Oligospectine – a propriety fibre with prebiotic function  which helps promote digestive health and maintenance of hydration.

Phenolics are powerful antioxidants that provide strong cellular protection against a far broader range of free radicals than other antioxidants. They resist pro-oxidation and are highly bioavailable.

Research shows phenolics may contribute to the protection from degenerative, inflammatory and digestive conditions as well as assist with weight loss and maintaining energy levels.

Entirely natural, 100% Australian made and derived from only quality Australian produce.

  • Protects against cellular damage

  • 100% natural

  • Highly bioavailable

  • Immunity support

  • Vitality, energy and wellbeing

  • Intestinal and gut health

  • Vegan, gluten free and low GI

  • Great taste

DIRECTIONS: Suitable for adults and children. Mix one teaspoon in water or in any hot or cold beverages / foods.



‘An Apple a Day’

Activated Phenolic Antioxidant Tablets

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30 tablets

The world’s most potent dietary antioxidant tablet.

100% natural broad spectrum antioxidant. The antioxidants you need on a daily basis to promote health and wellbeing in a convenient tablet form suitable for both adults and children.

Uniquely containing Activated Phenolic antioxidants that have been naturally extracted to be highly potent and easily absorbed by your body.

‘An Apple a Day’ Activated Phenolic antioxidants are derived from the healthiest of fruit – Apples (Malus domestica).

Apples are unique, in that out of the 1,723 different types of edible fruit, they contain the highest proportion of free phenolic antioxidants.

This may lend some truth to the proverb that has been passed down through both western and eastern culture – ‘An apple a day, keeps the doctor away‘.

Activated Phenolics are powerful antioxidants that neutralise a wide range of free radicals to protect your cells from damage and inflammation.

Studies have shown phenolic antioxidants contribute to the protection and recovery from degenerative, digestive and inflammatory conditions as well as contributing to weight loss and maintaining energy levels.

‘An Apple a Day’ is made in Australia from 100% Australian ingredients.

DIRECTIONS: Suitable for adults and children. Take one tablet each day or as directed by your health care professional.


Activated Phenolic Antioxidants

Powder + Tablets

Incl Shipping in Singapore

280 grams powder & 30 tablets

Potency and convenience with the best value!

Get one Activated Phenolics Powder 280 grams and one An Apple A Day 30 tablets.