*Immunity Boost* BUY ONE GET ONE FREE
*Immunity Boost* BUY ONE GET ONE FREE

*Immunity Boost* BUY ONE GET ONE FREE

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Clinically formulated using a world first technology, developed at a leading Australian university.

Our Immunity formula combines the most potent dietary antioxidants with the natural essential elements needed to build and maintain whole-body cellular health.

Phenolics are potent antioxidants that resist pro-oxidation, are highly bioavailable & provide strong cellular protection against free radicals.

INGREDIENTS: Activated Phenolics from Malus domestica (Australian apples), Helianthus seed powder (contains zinc & selenium), vitamin C. Heavy metals & pesticides tested.

DIRECTIONS: Use up to four times daily. Mix a heaped teaspoon in hot or cold water or beverage.

150 grams powder