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Our Natural Antioxidants, world's most potent

ACTIVATED PHENOLICS created using our patented technology to be easily absorbed and used by your body. Experience the benefits across our An Apple A Day and APSKIN range. Proudly Aussie Made!

Renovatio means New Life

Founded on the belief that each of us deserves the healthiest life possible
Scientifically Formulated
"An apple a day keeps the doctor away"
Activated Phenolics comes from one of the healthiest fruits around: apples, containing the highest number of free phenolic antioxidants.
Patented Australian Technology
Naturally extracted phenolics are potent antioxidants that resist pro-oxidation & provide strong cellular protection against free radicals.
100% Aussie Apples
Proudly supporting Aussie farmers. When you take Activated Phenolics you are experiencing the antioxidant goodness of 20 Aussie apples. We go through a lot of apples!
100% Naturally Extracted
Activated Phenolics potency comes from their chemical free extraction. Ethically sourced, tested for heavy metals & pesticides, non-GMO, vegan & gluten free. 

Best sellers

- 349500 %
Activated Phenolics Powder 150 grams
- 50 %
An Apple A Day Activated Phenolics Tablets
- 399500 %
APSKIN Ultra Antioxidant Serum
- 249500 %
APSKIN Ultra Antioxidant Face Cream