our Story

Renovatio Bioscience was born out of research at the University of Newcastle, Australia. The research was a joint partnership with New South Wales Department of Primary Industries and Horticulture Innovation.

In Latin, Renovatio means New Life. We believe that each of us deserves to be the healthiest we can be.

100% NATURALly extracted and activated

ethically sourced, vegan and cruelty free.



Which APSKIN should I use?

Both APSKIN Face Cream and APSKIN Hand and Body Cream contains Activated Phenolics, scientifically formulated to maximise skin cell protection and restoration.

The anti-inflammatory properties essentially enable our skin to recognise it as part of our body’s natural wound healing and tissue repair mechanism.

As our face skin is different to our body skin, each APSKIN is designed to be absorbed optimally on our face and body, non-greasy but deeply moisturising.

My skin is very sensitive, will APSKIN be suitable for my skin?

Both APSKIN Face Cream and APSKIN Hand and Body Cream are formulated for sensitive skin.

APSKIN Ultra Antioxidant Face Cream contains hyaluronic acid in the most absorbable form. Typical Hyaluronic acid molecules are not very well absorbed by our skin, making it useless and in some people the non-absorbed hyaluronic acid actually can cause a bad skin reaction, especially if they have sensitive skin.

APSKIN hyaluronic acid is different because not only is it suitable for sensitive skin, our proprietary technology uniquely enables the molecules to be on different layers of the skin ready to be activated as our skin needs it, making it more effective and providing 24 hour protection and hydration.