An Expert’s Guide To Getting In Shape QUICK For The Festive Season

In the lead up to Christmas, and all of the social commitments that come along with it, Aussies are looking for ways to turbocharge their weight loss journeys.

Dr. Vincent Candrawinata, (affectionately known as Dr. Vincent), the world’s foremost expert on phenolic antioxidants and founder of Renovatio, has compiled a list of tips for getting your party looks on for the festive season.

“The easiest and best way to get in shape and achieve a healthy body weight – and has always been – is to employ general healthy-living strategies,” Dr. Vincent said.

“But the good news is, there are ways you can accelerate things.  You just have to know how!”

So, what actionable, easy steps does Dr. Vincent recommend for boosting your confidence come Christmas time?


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