Kidspot - My three autistic boys meltdowns have improved after I researched gut health

It’s suffice to say that Kat Peereboom’s life is anything but dull.

The Queensland mum has three boys - and they are all on the autism spectrum.

Juggling the meltdowns of Oliver, 7, Joshua 6, and Tyler 5, has always been a constant battle which only got worse a year ago when lockdown hit due to COVID.

“With the change of routine and a shortage of particular foods, we have found that the disruption had really affected the health and welling of our boys - their gut health suffered," she explains to Kidspot.

"Over the past 12 months, our boys experienced a significant increase in meltdowns, screaming episodes and sleepless nights. It's been really challenging.  

"I started to do some research online to look more into the role of gut health and autism and found a number of products that help with gut health."

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