'Supporting immunity, not boosting it’: Renovatio’s latest supplement for immunity and inflammation

Australian-based Renovatio Bioscience has a supplement that address both immunity and inflammation, a perceived 'gap in the market', with just four ingredients - activated phenolics, quercetin, zinc and Vitamin C.

The maker of An Apple A Day, Renovatio develops supplements with activated Phenolics, its patented antioxidant formula developed and extracted from Australian farmed apples.

According to Dr Vincent Candrawinata, founder of Renovatio, Immunity Plus+ was developed from research undertaken in Canada, which found that its active ingredients was easily absorbed by the body and provided immune support.

"Immunity Plus+ combines the right amounts of quercetin , zinc and Vitamin C with the most potent dietary antioxidant to deliver broad spectrum cellular protection and support resilience at the cellular level to fight illness, including helping to reduce the duration  and severity of common colds and flu." he said.

Full Story: https://www.nutraingredients-asia.com/Article/2021/06/30/Supporting-immunity-not-boosting-it-Renovatio-s-latest-supplement-for-immunity-and-inflammation-hits-Woolworths-shelves