Is technology making us healthier? Or unhealthier?

In this day and age, technology has fast become a part of our daily life and play significant roles in our daily routine.

The big question remains, is this newfound level of ease actually improving our quality of life and making us healthier or if it’s doing the opposite and actually making us lazier and thus less healthy. 

Technology has directly contributed to lower rates of many diseases that were once common and fairly widespread, and in many cases, has even allowed us to virtually wipe out certain illnesses, including polio, tetanus, rabies and whooping cough.

Innovation in technology also allows discovery of healthy things such as Activated Phenolics.

This 21st Century problem is being called "tech neck," and it can be caused by straining your neck forward to see your phone screen. As you type out an email, update your facebook status, selecting filter for your selfie you're holding your neck at an unnatural angle. And it stays there for much longer than it should, causing muscle strain and pain.

We google everything and this could be bad. This morning I tried to google: “Headache”

Literally in the fourth search result, headache may also be caused by brain aneurysm or brain tumor.

This is more common than people like to admit it. Urban dictionary even has a term for it: echondriac, which is a person who claims to have every medical symptom or condition they ever discover on the internet. Same as a hypochondriac, but gets it from reading websites, blogs, social media sites.

One of the things I used to pride myself at is calorie counting. I remember while I was studying for my undergraduate, I learned how to estimate the calories of almost every food item just by looking at it and calculating the calorie of the ingredients. But now, we have apps for it.

Wearable devices help us to track out movement, they even remind us to move if we spend too much time sitting down.

So the question remains, how do we benefit from the connection between health and technology.

The answer could be: Use it to our advantage.