Immunity & Skin Vitality Pack

Immunity & Skin Vitality Pack

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LIMITED TIME ONLY! Immunity Plus+ & APSKIN Hand and Body Cream

A specialised high-potency formulation from leading university research. Combining our award winning APSKIN Hand and Body Cream for topical application and our best selling Immunity Plus+ with proven active ingredients for complete immune support. APSKIN Hand and Body cream helps to moisturise, repair and soften as well as locking in moisture especially after hand washing, showering and sleeping.

Immunity Plus+ is scientifically formulated with four key active ingredients. Activated Phenolics Malus domestica & Quercetin supports healthy digestive system function, relieves inflammation & reduces free radical damage. Zinc & Vitamin C maintains & supports immune system to fight illness - including helping to reduce the duration & severity of common colds & flu, support energy levels & blood capillary health, connective tissue health & wound healing.
Short Dated Immunity Plus+ Stock - End August 2024.

Directions: Adults - take 1-4 Immunity Plus+ tablets daily or as directed by your health professional. Use APSKIN Hand and Body cream morning and night or as needed.