Wyld Apples All Day Cream
Wyld Apples All Day Cream

Wyld Apples All Day Cream

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WYLD APPLES All Day Cream harnesses the potent benefits of eight phenolic antioxidants sourced from Australian apples. Known as Activated Phenolics, these are the world's most potent natural source in fighting inflammation. 

Crafted with the needs of young skin in mind, this advanced formula is gentle yet protective and powerful. Ideal for early-stage skin from baby to teenager, and those prone to rashes, itchiness or acne. It nourishes, protects and restores the skin without the use of any harsh actives. 

WYLD APPLES All Day Cream is SUPLHATE AND PARABEN FREE and is suitable for all ages and skin types including sensitive skin.

Directions: Use daily. Formulated for fast absorption & free from harsh chemicals, if the consistency feels a bit runny, just give it a quick shake before use.