How one man helped rescue Australia's apple industry

When Dr Vincent was researching how to extract potent antioxidants called phenolics from apples, he didn’t know he was going to create a whole new industry for Australia’s apple growers and become one of the largest purchasers of apples in the country.

Antioxidant supplements scale-up

A University of Newcastle scientist, whose PhD unlocked the secret to extracting potent 'activated phenolic' antioxidants from apples, is now entering a new stage of his Australian business journey.

Doctor reveals this secret trick to beating jet lag

Jet lag – is pantry staple the key?

Snooze news: a 10-part recipe for better sleep

Dr Vincent shares his top 10 tips for a better night sleep.

Core approach: Apple phenolics specialist expansion

Capitalising on its competitive edge on having patented technology, Renovatio is expanding to increase visibility and accessibility.

Eating apples and brain health

A top scientist has revealed a surprising benefit apples can have on your brain health. Food scientist Dr Vincent said there is good evidence to suggest eating fresh apples regularly can improve memory.

Gamechanger in healthy pantry

Australian nutraceutical firm Renovatio is beginning to incorporate its patented activated phenolic antioxidants into pantry food items, on top of its conventional supplement formats.

Basic instinct: Why APSKIN founder is prioritising affordability, accessibility

APSKIN has made a goal to be as beneficial and accessible to as many people as possible, recognising that skin issues can exact a heavy toll on mental and emotional wellbeing, said its founder.

How curing my grandmother inspired me

Watching his grandmother walk rekindled a spark in me.

“There was something – in that moment – that reaffirmed my dream and my passion in science … to help people.”

Ever wonder what went into making world's most potent natural antioxidants?

Michael Brian asked Dr Vincent all things antioxidants, how to stay positives and what's next for Renovatio.

Dr Vincent knows the secret, and he’s turned his own scientific discovery into a life-changing product range to fight inflammation.

He joined the First Act podcast to share how leading with his heart has taken him from research scientist to successful entrepreneur.


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